A Typical Day On Star

Peacefully open your eyes to the natural sounds of the seagulls and the pleasant voices of the children who sing morning wake up on each floor of the oceanic hotel. Greet the day with morning coffee and breakfast in the beautiful historic dining hall. Socialize with friends, discuss the day’s events, and sit on the porch engulfed by the smells of the sweet ocean air and the rising sun. Attend the first day’s workshop, delving into today’s important issues and explore different avenues of perspective. Enjoy lunch and an afternoon swim at the waterfront, row over to Smuttynose Island, the Island directly across from Star, or join in the island Lobstrathalon tradition. Watch the infamous Star Island Softball game between the youth and the adults, while rocking on the porch and devouring a delightful ice cream frappe from the Island snack bar. Close your eyes for a late afternoon nap before dinner, or maybe play a tennis match, take a walk or spend some time playing on the front lawn. After dinner, watch the gorgeous, deep red sunset, one that will leave you speechless. Evening chapel is always a soulful experience, in the Stone Chapel, built in 1800 on the highest point of the island. Candlelight chapel services are a cherished Star Island tradition. At the close of each day, chapel goers gather at the foot of the hill carrying only lanterns for light to illuminate the small chapel. Say goodnight to friends and family, rock on the porch, or appreciate the clear night sky full of stars. The day has left you feeling restful, and peacefully excited for tomorrow to begin

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