Sara Garthwait

“Feeling like you’ve come home as soon as you arrive on island is priceless! We couldn’t find any better people or any place better to spend our family vacation.”

Amy Nigen

“I saw more shooting stars during one week on Star Island than I have seen in my lifetime. I went for the first time last year and had a great time. I’m looking forward to returning this year.”

Denise Corrcoran

“I attended Star Island starting in 1972. There is nothing like it on earth.”

Dan Drummond

“Star Island is probably the most enjoyable place for a family vacation that I’ve seen or experienced.  When you combine a gorgeous setting with innumerable activities with friendly and interesting people — not to mention plenty of time to read or hit the snack bar — you’ve got a superb vacation spot for all ages.”

Valerie Kimlin Cebe

“Star Island is such a great place. You make friendships that last forever. The waves crashing, the sunsets, the sounds of the seagulls. It takes you away from the everyday craziness and brings you back to what counts most. As we always say…‘You will come back’.”

Carolyn Kerr

“I love Star Island! It is where I unwind from the daily grind and become rejuvenated for another year.”

Mike Giles

“Star Island has played a meaningful role in our family for the past 30 years. It is wonderful to see my kids growing up on Star, feeling joyful and independent, and getting a chance to connect deeply with their extended family as well.”

Bob Giles

“We began bringing our grandchildren to Star Island when they were three and four years old,  That first year our four year old grandson held the door from the porch for a group of folks and when we said thank you, what a nice thing to do, he responded that this is what people on Star Island do for one another.  Star Island is a place where we all learn to care for one another.”