Star Gathering Family 1
*July 28th – August 4th 2024*


SG1 Theme: The Wilderness Word~
Finding Our Stories Today In The Ancient Wilderness Tales Of The Bible


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Star Gathering 1 Family 2024

SG1 Youth

Star Gathering 1 Youth Conference: 
 July 28th – August 4th 2024
Youth Theme: Finding Your Voice



Star Gathering 1 Youth 2024

SG 2


Star Gathering 2 Family: 
August 4th- 11th 2024


SG2 Theme: Imagination is Evidence of the Divine:
An exploration of art and creativity in spiritual practice



Star Gathering 2 Family 2024




SGFW 2024


Star Gathering Family Weekend:
August 30th– September 2nd 2024


SGFW Theme:
Think Inside the Box: Building Resilience Through Creative Play




Star Gathering Family Weekend 2024