Discounts, Grants & Scholarships

In an effort to make Star Island accessible and affordable for everyone, the Star Island Corporation and the Star Gathering Conferences offer a variety of financial assistance plans. 


For 2019, Star Island Corporation is offering 5 different discount packages.

  • Are You New to Star Island?
  • Are You a Returning Shoaler AND You are Bringing Someone New?
  • Are You a Former Pelican?
  • Have You Been to Star Island, But Not Recently?
  • 50% off Room & Board if attend a second Star Gathering Conference in the Same Season.

Click here to learn more about these discounts, as well as apply to any that are applicable. 


Star Island Corporation has a financial grant program to support Shoalers, who might otherwise be unable to attend due to financial reasons. This confidential program is available to individuals and families who are registered for a conference. Please note, awards are always partial, and depend on the number of applications received. Individuals and families who are eligible for one of the Island discounts may also apply for financial grants.

Click here to learn more about financial grants, as well as apply for the program.


The Star Gathering Financial Assistance program is funded by voluntary contributions from conference members as well as various fundraisers throughout the year. The program provides assistance to old and new Shoalers (former or new Star Gathering Conference attendees) who would otherwise be unable to attend the conference.

To request assistance, please submit a completed application (SG FA Application 2019) to the Star Gathering FA Chair, Debbie Duval by email at or mail to 4 Catherine Road Framingham, MA 01701. Please submit the application after registering - applications are due by June 1st. Note that all applications are confidential and you will receive notifications of a decision by June 15th.