Star Gathering Conferences


Star Island United Church of Christ (SIUCC) proudly supports all Star Gathering Conferences as we delve into the overarching theme of The Body. Join us for the fun, relaxation, community, and fellowship for all ages and abilities as we get in touch with our bodies on our island paradise!


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Star Gathering 1 Family Conference  July 27 - August 3, 2019

Star Gathering 1 Youth Conference July 27 - August 3, 2019

Star Gathering 2 Family Conference August 3 - 10, 2019

Star Gathering Weekend UCC Family Conference August 30 - September 2, 2019 

Star Gathering I Family Conference 2019

Bodies Are Beautiful!

The body is complex and holy. Even naming the topic can bring up feelings, messages and worries about what God and others think of our bodies. Join us this summer on Star Island as we claim our belovedness, and lean into the idea that we are all truly made in God's image just as we are. 

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Programming for Children

Star Gathering I Family Conference features organized programming for children from 6 months to age 13 each morning. These programs are facilitated by trained educators and youth ministers. The organized, morning program aligns with the conference theme and also features traditional activities such as a Row to Smutty Nose and arts and crafts. Organized afternoon activities are also planned with many opportunities for inter-generational experiences.

Minister and Speaker of the Week

Minister of the Week:                 Speaker of the Week: 


 Rev. Heidi Carrington Heath       Dr. Julie Mavity Maddalena.


Star Gathering 1 Youth Conference 2019



We're planning a week of fun and faithful conversation, games and exploration! The theme for the week is "Bodies Are Beautiful!" The messages we get from the world tell us that we should always be trying to change our bodies and ourselves. This summer, we're practicing a Holy No by being totally counter-cultural. We'll be practicing mindfulness to save ourselves from stress and we'll dance and sing our praise to God for the gift of being human and alive. We'll talk about what it means to honor one another and ourselves. We'll play games together that have us moving, dancing, painting, decorating, and loving these beautiful gifts we've been given to line in! Get ready for a week of fun in a supportive and loving community!

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Star Gathering II Family Conference 2019

The Body – A Vehicle for Justice, Advocacy and Peace

It's how we experience the world. Whether we sing, speak, celebrate or mourn, the body is the worldly vessel for the spirit. It's an agent for activism - how we protest, how we demand change. Now more than ever it is the time to use our corporeal selves to speak our spiritual truth.

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Programming for Children

Star Gathering II Family Conference features organized programming for children from 6 months to age 13 each morning. Here, we will honor and respect the children and look to them as sources of wisdom, yet strive provide an atmosphere wherein their naturally playful reverence can emerge. Their program will integrate activities directly related to our themes with games and arts; all with a focus on community building, relationships, and mutual appreciation. The children will have an opportunity to participate in chapel on two occasions during the week or of course more if they prefer. 

Youth Programming

Star Gathering II Family Conference shares the island with the Youth Empowerment and Spirituality (YES) Conference. This conference is open to anyone ages 16-22. For more information as well as registration information, please visit the YES Conference website.

Minister and Speakers of the Week

Minister of the Week:     


Rev. Matilda Cantwell         


Speakers of the Week:   


Vahisha Hasan               Tracy Howe Wispelwey

Star Gathering Weekend UCC Family Conference 2019

The Spiritual Connection: Body, Mind and Spirit

Our theme is "The Spiritual Connection: Body, Mind and Spirit." Join us for a fun and spiritual Labor Day weekend of Star Island as we learn techniques to eliminate pain and stress from our bodies through meditation, yoga and the healing power of vibrational sound. 

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Youth Programming

Depending on their ages, activities for teens and children include a family softball game, basketball and tennis, activities in the art barn and the marine lab, and participating in the Talent Show.